‘Black is Back’ with Irakli Nassidzé

‘Black is Back’ with Irakli Nassidzé

EUROPALIA GEORGIA  began 2 weeks ago, dedicating its multifaceted program to the country’s fascinating culture and the art scene, where its visitors can enjoy a truly rich programme, full of exhibitions, lectures, performances, concerts, films, dances and theatre productions in Belgium and beyond.

Irakli Nassidzé (IRAKLI) and Caravan Cultura CreArt Agency would like to contribute to this festival’s goal to highlight the richness of Georgian Culture, by organizing our special soirée about the culture of fashion creation and couture of Irakli Nassidzé!

We will talk about the eternal charm of the black color in fashion with Irakli and why it’s never out of fashion! Let’s find the secret to this beauty with Irakli and all of our guests!

Since antiquity this color is associated with power, prestige, intelligence and glamour! It gives the impression of sophistication, elegance, confidence and, finally, luxury!

Irakli Nassidzé is a Georgian-born, Paris-based artist, jewelry/designer and couturier of his own clothing brand!
He was born and raised in an aristocratic family in Tbilisi!
He graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Tbilisi and went to Paris to start his career in the world of fashion! He was working for Christian Lacroix, Jean-Louis Scherrer and Chopard, before he created his own brand IRAKLI!

Irakli was living in Brussels for 5 years, having his exhibition at Collectors Gallery 2 years ago and previous year showcasing his work at Jean-Paul Knott boutique!
He is back to Brussels again during Europalia Georgia!

The doors of the gallery are open @18:00!
We start with our creative talk @18:30!
Georgian wine will be served afterwards!

The organizers reserve the right of admission! Sign in: yelena@caravancultura.eu

Event Information

  Aarlenstraat 20, Brussel, 1050, Belgium
}  november 03, 2023
  vrijdag, 18:00 to 22:00

Event Organizer

   Caravan Cultura CreArt Agency

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