It is obvious that fashion industry follows the socio-economic and geopolitical challenges of today! The common relationship between a place/country’s branding deserve attention, because it may impact the perception of this place’s image, preferably positive image!

Aigul Zhanserikova is a known and respected designer from Kazakhstan, who uses fashion as a part of cultural diplomacy inside and outside of her motherland, by participating in art fairs, making impart by her social actions and activities! She was one of the first to use felt-making in fashion, arts and crafts!

Special efforts should be made on all levels to make fashion designers as cultural diplomats. The way “fashion” should become a cultural diplomat and fashion designers as “cultural diplomats”! Aigul’s experience is the best possible example of such happening! Looking from other perspectives and angles, such images project of national identities, creating a sense of belonging, national pride and confidence in countries’ achievements, history and its future prospects.

The communicative power of fashion’s artistic practices can bring challenges to the current geopolitical situation and can support or influence identity and solidarity within the existing culture or society in a variety of ways. Fashion can cross the lines in tackling political opinions and serve as one of the ways of using soft power in order to send the message to the world, this is what cultural diplomacy’s role is.

Can we speak then about the effectiveness and impact of such function of fashion in cultural diplomacy?

Aigul Zhanserikova, the President of Qazaq Oner Association from Kazakhstan, accompanied by with Yelena Kharitonova, Founder of Caravan Cultura CreArt Agency will be domain to our guests how by cultivating creativity we can use fashion as an instrument for cultural diplomacy and how to empower by it women in Kazakhstan!  The event is kindly moderated by Gabrielle Bernoville from Creative Europe Program of the European Commission! Welcome!

Come and join us on the 24th of of February at the premises of Holland House Brussels and discover Aigul Zhanserikova’s work! Enjoy her exhibition of felt artisanal work, which is never out of fashion! FashionABLE!

The doors are open at 17:30 and we start with our creative talk at 18:00!

To register you can send an email to:

Event Information

  Aarlenstraat 20, Brussels, 1050, Belgium
}  februari 24, 2023
  vrijdag, 17:30 to 20:00
  +32 (0)2 537 4946

Event Organizer

   Yelena van Kharitonova

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