Dutch design

Dutch design

Dutch Design Week doesn’t see Dutch Design as a label for a certain group of designers and design esthetic, but a permanent reflection of culture and attitude, that projects Dutch way of life! It is identified with a solutuons-oriented approach, functionality, humanism, free-thinking, brutality, fun, humor without hierarchy for unconventional! It’s an attitude and doesn’t by refer to a nationality, but mentality!

We continue with our series of Creative Fridays on the topic of Dutch Design at the premisses of Holland House Brussels! Our guest this time, as one year ago is Mary-Ann Schreurs, who will tell us more what Dutch Design is, according to her experiences as a Vice-Lord Major and the first in Europe Elder(wo)man for Design, Culture, Innovation and Sustanability of Eindhoven city, where annual Dutch Design Week takes place! 

This year Dutch Design Week was one of the most successful editions since I remember it, so our soirée will be a “back-to-the-future” of this exciting happening!  

We are privileged to have Elizabeth Djam as our distinguished moderator! Elizabeth is a Creative Director of Design September Brussels and a big fan of Dutch Design (Week), visiting it annually with much enthusiasm and admiration! That’s why it will be fascinating to have her as our moderator!

With this Creative Talk we continue to tell more about Dutch Design to our Brussels-based friends, colleagues and partners as a part of newly establish platform: Dutch Design @Holland House Brussels!

The event is by invitation only! The organizers reserve the right of admission! 

The doors are open @18:00, we start @18:30 and our networking drinks will follow later! 

We will have special Dutch delights, which Sinterklaas will bring to us before he arrives!

For all the info: yelena@caravancultura.eu!


Event Information

  Aarlenstraat 20, Brussel, 1050, Belgium
}  december 01, 2023
  vrijdag, 18:00 to 21:30

Event Organizer

   Caravan Cultura CreArt Agency

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