Regenerative Well-being @Spring Equinox!

Regenerative Well-being @Spring Equinox!

21 of March marks the beginning of a New Year and is a very important celebration of Spring at the day of spring equinox! It originally symbolizes goodness and wealth, happiness and love! It’s also a great friendship day, since this feest day is common for many nations and cultures!

During Spring Equinox past offenses are forgotten and everybody makes a wish to leave all badness and bring renewal in the New Year!  New Year means new wellness, Generative well-being and Health! 

In the last two decades we have seen a shift from sustainability, seen as more or less an option in our lives, towards a regenerative approach. ‘Regenerative’ is often used in the context of climate change but one could say that is much broader than that. In the context of health, regenerative is gaining more traction driven by technological innovation as well as an emerging mindset. In my profession as a strategic futurist active within the healthcare industry, I keep up with future changes that will impact our health, physically, mentally and environmentally. As we are now in the midst of waking up from wintering – a time of silence and grounding – to spring – a radical rebirth – this presentation fits very well within the week of the equinox. 

Come and join us for  a fascinating discussion with Claudia Lishout, who was a Senior Designer at Philips Design for more than 25 years and nowadays is an independent consultant! She is based in Eindhoven and will come to Brussels for us!

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Event Information

  Aarlenstraat 20, Brussels, 1050, Belgium
}  maart 22, 2024
  vrijdag, 18:30 to 21:30

Event Organizer

   Caravan Cultura CreArt Agency Academy & Consultancy

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