Soirée about the culture of winemaking in Georgia

Soirée about the culture of winemaking in Georgia

EUROPALIA GEORGIA just began previous week, dedicating its multifaceted program to the country’s fascinating culture and the art scene, where visitors can enjoy a truly rich programme, full of exhibitions, lectures, performances, concerts, films, dances and theatre productions in Belgium (but also in the Netherlands and France partially).

Caravan Cultura CreArt Agency and ERISTAVI wines and gallery would like to contribute to this festival’s goal to highlight the richness of Georgian Culture, by organizing our own special soirée about the culture of winemaking in Georgia at the premises of Holland House Brussels!

ERISTAVI Wines is the work of Tamar ERISTAVI and her youngest son Alexander. They have been making natural wines from the vineyards in the Southern part of Georgia for several years, reviving the wine-making traditions of the family and “brining back” that territory to life. By focusing on high quality wines from organic grapes and using of the qvevri method, Eristavi Family is full of plans, which they will disclose to our dear guests on Friday, the 13th of October, who will experience a colorful presentation on winemaking and wine degustation moments!

Special accent will be made on the amber wine production and supras toastmaking!

Yelena  Kharitonova, Caravan Cultura CreArt  Agency’s Founder will moderate the event!

The doors are open at 18:00, we will start with our creative talk at 18:30, Georgian wine degustation will follow the presentation!

Please note: the organizers reserve the right of admission! Sign in:

P.S. On the photo the image of the work of Niko Pirosmanashvili (Pirosmani) “Georgian Supra with Dog” is used from State National Museum of Fine Arts/Georgian National Gallery

Caravan Cultura

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  Aarlenstraat 20, Brussel, 1050
}  oktober 13, 2023
  vrijdag, 18:00 to 22:00

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   Caravan Cultura CreArt Agency

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