Sustainable Fashion & Design as European cultural diplomats

Sustainable Fashion & Design as European cultural diplomats

While soft power and cultural diplomacy are usually written about a deliberate priorities and agendas of governmental institutions, cultural organizations and leaders, alternatives and additional views exist in the cultural sector and nowadays, many countries in the world see cultural and creative industries as a part of cultural diplomacy/soft power and not as a cultural product in itself. These paradigms refer to sociopolitical and economic implications of cultural diplomacy of the European Union. But what the reality says? Let’s take a look!

It’s obvious that fashion and design industries follow the socio-economic and geopolitical challenges of today! The common relationship between a place/country’s branding deserve attention, because it may impact the perception of this place’s image, preferably positive image! Special efforts should be made on all levels to make designers as cultural diplomats. The way in which fashion and design are adopted differ from state to state, from region to region. Also on the EU level, independently! 

Today, new trends towards increased ambiguity of the concept of cultural diplomacy and understanding of it changes; nowadays they are less about a nation branding, but more about a discourse or intertextuality of cross-cultural dialogue, which takes the form of abstract representation. Can we speak then about the effectiveness and impact of such function of design and fashion as a part of European cultural diplomacy?

What new approaches should be used? Can cultural diplomacy enter the world of public relations? What is certain that we are a part over rapidly changing globalized world, where fashion as a part of cultural diplomacy sets the new rules of values, which is not anymore seen through profits and production! It is a part of social development and cohesion practices worldwide! Fashion represents one form of cultural diplomacy, it stands as a worthy example of win-win for all!

We have knowledgeable speakers on our side!

Flora Miranda is an Austria- born, Antwerpen-educated and based fashion designer and couturier!

Elizabeth Kuiper is a Brand Ambassador of a British sustainable fashion company DELPOY and will tell about her experience in the field;

Octavia Overholster is an advisor on sustainable fashion, who has a multifaceted experience as a consultant in the field, having experience in the USA and Europe;

Valeria Siniouchkina is a textiles specialist and circular economy expert, who is a brand manager of “Be The fiber”! Her prior experience is being a mastermind behind KOMONO concept, she was a leading lady in the flagship shop in Brussels. Valeria was a founder of Dansaert Donation Shop and a co-founder of OMSK Belgium! She was a Senior Designer of ESSENTIEL and contributed to Circular Playhouse! She studied Project Management at Solvey Business School, got her Master in Fashion and Apparel Design at La Cambre in Brussels and got her certificate in circular economy and sustainable strategies from Cambridge Judge Business School. She will come with some small presents for our participants!

Heidimarie Meissnitzer is a Counselor at the Permanent Representation of Austria to the EU and responsible for cultural policies and media! She is our passionate moderator!

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  Location: Holland House Brussels
}  september 22, 2023
  vrijdag, 18:00 to 23:00

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   Caravan Cultura

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